Love Hurts: How to handle negative reviews

Love is in the air these days. However, to quote Mr. Bon Jovi, a bad review can be a “shot to the heart.” Don’t let negative reviews give love a bad name. Dealing with feedback – not all of it accurate or fair – can be incredibly frustrating.

Handling negative reviews can be tricky (but not […]

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Harness the Power of Emotional Connections

Three healthcare marketing strategies to tackle in 2019

These days, building brand awareness for your health system or practice just isn’t enough. To get patients and referring providers to actually take action, you have to reach them on a personal level—helping them make emotional connections with your organization and your providers.

This takes work. But it’s worth […]

Tips for Managing Online Reviews

If we had mentioned “online consumer reviews” 10 years ago, you probably would have thought of sites like Amazon, Yelp and Trip Advisor — sites where consumers get to read about products, restaurants and hotels.

Fast forward to today. Consumers can leave reviews for more than just hotels and restaurants. Now they can also leave a […]

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Healthcare Practices: 4 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Followers in 2018

More and more healthcare practices and systems are realizing that social media is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must — for communicating with current patients, reaching new patients and building their brand.

We’ll show you how to grow your number of high-quality fans on social media. Keep in mind that this doesn’t happen overnight. To […]

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Kick-start Your 2018 Marketing Plan

It’s almost 2018. Do you know where your marketing plan is? 

The holidays are coming up quickly, and before you know it, 2018 will be here. That makes now the time to pull together your marketing plan for the year. These steps will help you get started.
Step 1: Decide what to promote
In a perfect world, you’d […]

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Facebook Advertising: How It Works

With more than 214 million users in the U.S. alone, Facebook opens the door to current and potential patients in an environment where they’re looking to make connections. And Facebook makes it possible to reach exactly who you want to reach.

So, how does it work? Well, the basics are you create an ad, the ad appears […]

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Set your practice apart: Top 5 healthcare marketing trends for 2017

Marketing can be complicated as it is. But when it comes to healthcare, there’s even more to consider these days.

High-deductible health plans are forcing patients to take a closer look at their healthcare choices. No longer content to accept referrals from their family physicians, today’s patients are doing their own research to find the physicians […]

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